Tributes to Coventry’s first female funeral director who worked right up until her death

Roman funerals and burial In ancient Rome , the eldest surviving male of the household, the pater familias, was summoned to the death-bed, where he attempted to catch and inhale the last breath of the decedent. Funerals of the socially prominent usually were undertaken by professional undertakers called libitinarii. No direct description has been passed down of Roman funeral rites. These rites usually included a public procession to the tomb or pyre where the body was to be cremated. The surviving relations bore masks bearing the images of the family’s deceased ancestors. The right to carry the masks in public eventually was restricted to families prominent enough to have held curule magistracies. Mimes, dancers, and musicians hired by the undertakers, and professional female mourners, took part in these processions. Less well-to-do Romans could join benevolent funerary societies collegia funeraticia that undertook these rites on their behalf. Nine days after the disposal of the body, by burial or cremation, a feast was given cena novendialis and a libation poured over the grave or the ashes. Since most Romans were cremated, the ashes typically were collected in an urn and placed in a niche in a collective tomb called a columbarium literally, “dovecote”.

The Basics of Funeral Service

Read our Privacy Policy concerning online obituaries and release of information. James “Frank” Lyon, Jr. Additionally Frank and Jane Lyon began Summer Wind Farm, a thoroughbred breeding business, in Georgetown Kentucky in which they have operated together ever since.

At work I am part of a family atmosphere that runs like a well – oiled machine to manage all the details involved in a caring, traditional funeral service.

High-tech, soft touch Welcome Headquartered in Topeka, Kansas, we operate funeral homes and cemeteries in ten states. We are a growing, dynamic and innovative company, focused completely on providing families with the highest quality funeral service at a fair price. Newcomer Brands Join Our Team We are very proud to be privately-owned and known as one of the most progressive, growth-oriented funeral service providers in the country.

Our highest commitment is to provide the best possible service to each family we serve — one family at a time, every day. We are always recruiting talented professionals to work as funeral directors, managers, preneed sales associates, administrative professionals and support staff. Throughout our history, our company has always been characterized by the pursuit of Excellence in everything we do, a relationship of Trust with the families we serve, Care for our associates and our communities, and the ongoing pursuit of Growth both as individuals and as a company.

These four values serve as points on a compass, guiding our daily actions and decisions, helping us to do the right thing. Family time is extremely important to me and Newcomer, my employer, understands that. They value me as an employee and want me to be successful and happy.

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It is your sister informing you that great Aunt Hortense has died. You like Aunt Hortense. What do I say?

A person can also go after only an embalmer’s license but that is rare outside of large cities where very large funeral homes have people who specialize in one area.

Posted by Linda G. Howard It is probably true that you will be asked to be a part of a memorial service or funeral at some time in your life. Here are some of those things which you may find helpful. First, find a hook. This is something about the person that seems to embody their personality or mission in life. It may be a phrase, a sentence or an observation.

Most often this should come from the family. This was a truly good man and that was what family wanted to said about him. Interview as many members of the family as possible to be able to grasp what is meaningful to them.

Ten Reasons to Date a Funeral Director

What can go wrong? The cremation process begins with the placement of the casket or container into the cremation chamber where it is subjected to intense heat and flame, reaching temperatures as high as degrees Fahrenheit degrees centigrade. The time it takes to complete a cremation varies with the size and weight of the deceased, but usually takes between two and three hours.

This is followed by a cooling period of three to four hours.

Limit yourself to a maximum of 10 minutes of sermon.

What does that have to do with funeral service? Each year he would gather his players for training camp. In front of him sat some of the best athletes in the world. They had played football since they were children. They were some of the highest paid athletes of their day and some of them are now in the Football Hall of Fame. And the coach would stand up in front of them, hold up a football, and say, “Gentlemen, this is a football. He was not trying to demean or belittle them.

He was simply making the point that they were going to go back to the basics. And that is my intent. Go back to the basics. This book contains nothing about laws, regulations, government compliance issues, pre-arrangement, merchandising, business management, etc. While these are valid concerns of the modern funeral director, they go beyond the scope of what is intended here. This book talks only about the funeral.

This book is written especially for funeral directors, clergy, and pre-arrangement counselors.

What Funeral Arrangers Can Learn From Speed Dating!

The key factor that links them all is this – planning ahead. Get help with funeral funding Government schemes can help you towards the cost of a funeral for those in need of some assistance, e. If you find you can do without wreaths, limousines, a hearse and vast floral decorations then it can save you significant costs, as none of those are actually necessary – in fact, in many cases people now see those as being ostentatious or impersonal.

This was the bumper sticker that found its way to the rear of many of the cars my friends and I drove in college.

Parents often avoid talking to their children about death because they think it will upset them. But talking about death can help children deal with their fears. Children react to death in different ways than adults, and sometimes they say things that seem odd or inappropriate. It is important to remember that your child is simply trying to understand and accept what has happened. How to Explain Death to Children: Listen and accept their feelings, no matter how difficult it may be.

Also, it’s okay to not have all the answers. Let them know you will be there to help. It’s okay to let them know you hurt too. Techner “Take Good Care of the Earth”. This was the bumper sticker that found its way to the rear of many of the cars my friends and I drove in college. I would be less than honest if I did not admit that even though the message was subtle, 40 years ago my friends and I were unaware of the environmental challenges that would confront our generation as we entered the 21st century.

Would you date a funeral director?

Posted on June 13, by jeff Forget it Bob, Direct cremation! Comparing the day to day responsibilities of a funeral director with the process of speed dating is like matching apples and oranges. Speed dating is a pleasure activity to meet new people and consider potential mates while serving as a funeral director involves addressing families about the deaths of their loved ones, planning services and arranging burial or cremation plans.

However, in peeling the layers away to reveal the framework of the basic human interactions utilized in each form of communication, the similarities begin to emerge.

Commingling Cremated Remains Commingling is defined as the mixing together of two or more cremated remains.

We spoke, joked around, laughed and exchanged cards at a local music venue. I wasn’t looking to pick anyone up, friends I’ve made there, including the owner, know that. Neither did I pick him up, just seemed to get along well and feel comfortable talking together. We are the same age I’m a divorcee-to-be and I have been getting out but I’m not seeking sex, commitment, or a relationship. My divorce is taking a long time, already 9 months , and I’ve been encouraged by friends and professionals, therapist, etc.

Back to the card I didn’t look at it or think twice, I just put his card behind my own in my cardholder that evening. The next day changing purses, I pulled out the card and he’s a funeral director. I would have put an exclamation point after the last sentence, look, I was shocked, it’s true, what can I say?

Becoming A Mortician

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