‘Hunt’ Republicans, says Union County Democrat in response to shooting

Compared with , the last time this question was asked, greater shares in both parties volunteer Russia as posing the greatest danger to the U. The new survey is the latest indication of growing concern among Democrats, in particular, about Russia in the wake of reports that the Russian government interfered in the U. A January survey found that Democrats were far more likely than Republicans to say that Russia was behind the hacks of the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee. The new survey finds that Russia is by far the top national threat in the view of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents: Opinion is more divided among Republicans and Republican leaners. It also is the first time that a significantly larger share of Democrats than Republicans has named one single country as representing the greatest U. Historically, the pattern has been reversed, with greater proportions of Republicans than Democrats naming one particular country as our greatest threat. The share of Americans citing Russia as the country representing the greatest danger to the U.

How Democrats became secular and Republicans became religious. (It’s not what you think.)

The ruling oligarchy has truly divided and conquered on the heels of ignorance. Larry Berry I like Tom Selleck. The republican party would do well to put HIM front and center instead of nugent, trump, etc.

He was a rampant libertarian with a belief that Ronald Reagan was perfect.

Steve Scalise and several others by a gunman with a history of violence and of making online rantings against Republican officials and their policies. Why is it a shock when things turn violent? The comments drew criticism from others who follow Devine on Facebook and Twitter. But Devine told New Jersey You want me to be politically correct? Devine said his tweets were inspired by tweet by Tea Party-backed U. We have a president elected largely by people who were tired of politicians who shied away from harsh rhetoric.

It was a terrible, terrible tragedy, as are all senseless acts of violence.

‘Hunt’ Republicans, says Union County Democrat in response to shooting

With the Senate voting against repealing Obamacare , there are mounting fears that the US healthcare system could collapse. The Politico website reported that around 40 members of the House of Representatives have been holding discreet talks over how to stabilise Obamacare and prevent the system unravelling. In the short term the talks, involving a group known as the Problem Solvers caucus, could provide stability for the rickety health insurance markets.

As things stand an estimated 25, people who have gained insurance under Obamacare would be left without cover. While the bipartisan talks are aimed at solving the immediate crisis, they are also an indication that some in Washington accept that any replacement for Obamacare will need the backing of Democrats as well as Republicans, even though the GOP controls both houses of Congress.

Susan Collins, a leading Republican critic of her party’s plans to overturn Obamacare, is one of a number of GOP senators to call for a consensus on health.

Nor do I find evidence that a backlash among Seculars led to outsized influence in the Democratic Party.

Donald Trump’s hair is a topic of conversation in locker rooms. AP “As a husband and father, I was offended by the words and actions described by Donald Trump in the eleven-year-old video released yesterday,” Pence, who is governor of Indiana, said in a statement. Pence also raised eyebrows Saturday when he announced that he would not attend a fundraiser in Wisconsin hosted by House Speaker Paul Ryan, who disinvited Trump from the event on Friday after The Washington Post broke the story about the video containing the lewd statements.

The campaign had announced that Pence would attend in Trump’s place. A campaign aide said that Pence himself made the decision not to go to Wisconsin on Saturday. The calculation, according to the aide, is that not attending will give Trump necessary space to navigate the fallout from his statements directly. Pence, who said he was praying for the Trump family, in the statement said he was “grateful” Trump had delivered a statement apologizing to those who were offended by his words.

Louis on Sunday for the second presidential debate. But Republican strategists warned that the new revelations would likely hurt Trump, especially with women voters. Pollster Frank Luntz said:

Trump’s Support for Law to Protect ‘Dreamers’ Lifts Its Chances

Both states supported Democrat Hillary Clinton last year and a Democratic loss in either would have been calamitous for them. But few expected the blowout that emerged in Virginia. Not only did Northam win, but Democrats made major gains in the state legislature — taking more seats from Republicans than in any race since , according to Democrats.

Among the victors was Chris Hurst, a former news anchor in Virginia who grew up outside Philadelphia and turned to politics after his girlfriend, a reporter, was shot and killed while on television. Hurst unseated a Republican incumbent in a district based in Blacksburg. In Maine, voters approved an expansion of Medicaid, adopting a policy championed by Democrats.

Among the victors was Chris Hurst, a former news anchor in Virginia who grew up outside Philadelphia and turned to politics after his girlfriend, a reporter, was shot and killed while on television.

Continue reading the main story But he also made his frustration clear. On Thursday morning, the president telephoned Republican leaders to relay news of the dinner discussions; Republicans were left on the defensive, and seemingly flummoxed. A person familiar with the discussions said Mr. Trump, who has not had a background in crafting legislation, might end up signing legislation written by Democrats, which would infuriate many conservative voters.

Some conservatives pushed back hard. Critics and immigration rights advocates said the measure would codify racial profiling.

Democrats hit back in New Jersey, Virginia, signaling danger for Trump, GOP

Announcing his motion in a letter to his House colleagues, Mr Green wrote: What are we going to do about it? Even if it made it to the House floor, Mr Green’s resolution was widely expected to fail a vote in the Republican-controlled body. Impeachment requires a majority vote in the House and a two-thirds vote in the Senate, which is also controlled by Republicans.

Donald Trump’s least presidential moments so far The bans were immediately protested, and judges initially blocked their implementation.

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How Americans View Their Government 1. Fewer than three-in-ten Americans have expressed trust in the federal government in every major national poll conducted since July — the longest period of low trust in government in more than 50 years. The erosion of public trust in government began in the s. By the end of the s, only about a quarter of Americans felt that they could trust the government at least most of the time.

Trust in government rebounded in the s before falling in the early to mid s. But as the economy boomed in the late s, confidence in government increased.

More Democrats than Republicans Sit on 10 Richest Members of Congress List

Stephanie Wang Follow stelisew January 15, 4: CRP compiled a list of the 10 richest members of Congress using personal finance disclosure information, the latest available. These wealthy Democrats are not afraid to use their big bucks and high-powered connections to get ahead. Here are the seven Democrats in the top 10 list: Warner used his political connections to make his millions, according to the Almanac of American Politics.

Billy Bush, in a statement to Variety, said he was “embarrassed and ashamed” of his comments.

Polling which asks people very simply who they plan to vote for in the next House race, the Democrat or the Republican. In mid-October, the Democrats held a six-point advantage, but that narrowed as Election Day approached, until the margin was under a point. The Republicans ended up getting more votes. Pollsters are already asking the same question for — but the results are very different. In the past five results from live-caller polls, the results have been Democrats plus , Democrats plus , Democrats plus , Democrats plus and Democrats plus Tracking the average of polls on the question over the past two months using data from RealClearPolitics you can see the gap start to widen about 10 days ago — shortly before the Alabama special Senate election.

The pollsters were direct about the scale of the Democratic advantage. That point edge is the widest Democrats have held in CNN polling on the contests, and the largest at this point in midterm election cycles dating back two decades. At that point, the Democrats had a 9-point advantage among registered voters, about the same as the advantage they enjoyed with that group in April. That is, the margin by which they preferred one party to the other moved to the Democrats by that amount.

White voters, though, are split on the question, with 46 percent preferring the Democrat and 46 percent preferring the Republican. In the most recent CNN poll, men prefer the Democratic candidate.

Nicolle Wallace Asks Twice in an Hour ‘Are Republicans Dead Inside?’

How did we get here? He answered a few questions by e-mail. Below is an edited transcript. Conventional wisdom says that Christian Right organizations, such as the Moral Majority and the Christian Coalition, mobilized religious activists on behalf of the Republican Party. Your story is different, though.

Stephanie Wang Follow stelisew January 15, 4:

Trump impeachment vote shot down as majority of House Democrats join Republicans to kill resolution

The campaign had announced that Pence would attend in Trump’s place.

North Carolina’s congressional districts

While his response to the disaster in Houston was generally applauded, the President picked up some flack when he gave a speech outside Houston he reportedly did not visit disaster zones , and praised the size of the crowds there.

If a Democrat Can Marry a Republican…

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