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As the well-brought-up daughter of the nonagenarian Duke of Wellington, Lady Jane Wellesley is naturally fulsome in the acknowledgements for her weighty new history of her aristocratic clan, A Journey Through My Family. But while even the Queen is personally thanked, there is no mention of her son, the Prince of Wales, who famously dated the Duke’s daughter before marrying Lady Diana Spencer. Yet what makes the omission all the more surprising is that among the list of names she thanks are four of the men who have shared the still-unmarried Lady Jane’s life in the years since her romance with Charles ended. Melvyn Bragg, the novelist and Labour peer with whom she enjoyed a long affair, is gazetted, as is the writer Anthony Holden, who stepped out with the spirited Jane for two years. But it is her acknowledgement for a fourth man which is intriguing. Mick Imlah, the poet whom she helped overcome a struggle with alcohol, is accorded a mention all of his own. Thanking him for his ‘friendship, wit and unerring judgment’ which ‘have sustained me throughout’, Lady Jane adds: I thank him with all my heart.

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Thursday, August 27th, Welcome to New York: Blu-ray The ancient Greeks had a word for the willingness of some men to risk everything for the momentary pleasure that comes with testing the limits of their influence: Today, the same condition is usually attributed to powerful men in far less literary terms. When Bill Clinton tempted fate by allowing himself to be fellated by an intern in the Oval Office, then lied about it in a statement read to the American public, he tarnished his reputation, ruined that of a short-sighted young woman, helped George W.

Bush defeat Al Gore and, likewise, may have ruined any chance for his wife to succeed him in the White House. Men born with the hubris gene, maybe.

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There isn’t such a term for good-lucking ugly men, but there should be, and one of the prime examples of that would be Girls and future Star Wars actor Adam Driver. He’s a really good actor—he has made his Girls character go from being a reprehensible, shirtless, sex-addicted slacker to being a caring, shirtless, sex-addicted slacker. In other words, the character has remained true to himself, even though our perceptions of him have changed dramatically through the seasons.

That’s due as much to Driver as it is to the show’s writers.

Nicotine patches didn’t work, nor did hypnosis.

Follow Celebrity Weddings Celebrity weddings — extravagant, over-the-top, and sometimes, oh-so-secretive. These celebs tied the knot in Some of their nuptials were massive, others were intimate, and others were kept under wraps for a long, long time. Let the wedding bells chime! The pair was wed in Aspen, Colorado, as evidenced by their stunning photos surrounded by snow-capped mountains.

They had been engaged since The couple has two children together. I love this woman! While Weixler opted for a simple white gown, Brocklebank wore a bright pink suit for the barefoot beach wedding.

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Thursday, December 4th at K Cineplex Larnaka Every day In the near future Earth has been devastated by drought and famine, causing a scarcity in food and extreme changes in climate. When humanity is facing extinction, a mysterious rip in the As the Allies make their final push in the European Theatre, a battle-hardened army sergeant named Wardaddy commands a Sherman tank and his five-man crew on a deadly mission Under the leadership of Thursday, December 4th at K Cineplex Larnaka Every day Vincent is an old Vietnam vet whose stubbornly hedonistic ways have left him without money or a future.

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I got to see an interesting solution to this problem with Doctor Who: The Power of the Daleks. While the episodes may be lost, possibly forever, the folks at BBC America did put together the audio from the episode — and made an animated version of the episode! The Power of the Daleks is significant because it introduced both the idea of regeneration that when near death, a Time Lord could regenerate, gaining a new body and personality and Patrick Troughton as the new Doctor, replacing William Hartnell.

Appropriately, this switch is reflected in the Doctor’s companions: The new Doctor seems silly: The Doctor meets a human who introduces himself as the Examiner — who’s promptly shot dead, with the Doctor knocked out from behind.

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So it’s definitely pleasurable to be able to introduce this film which is called Closely Observed Trains by a director called Jiri Menzel The films that stay with you the longest are the ones that you see when you’re just starting, when you’re young, and we were just really doing our first bits and pieces in the mid s and the films that came from Czechoslovakia at that time made a particular impression on us. They had a very special feel to them and they were humane and humorous and sharp and ironic and they had a great warmth and a great respect for the people And this film by Jiri Menzel And this movement went alongside a cultural movement expressed in the films, expressed in writing, expressed in different cultural ways.

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