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It is reminiscent of the Taj Mahal though less ornamental. Panchakki a watermill dating back to the pre-mughal period, which was used to operate large grain grinding stones, which served as flourmills, is an example of the engineering marvel of the century. Aurangabad caves which lie 3km north of Aurangabad, were excavated out of a south-facing hillside between 3 and 11 century and belong to the Buddhist era. Ajanta and Ellora Caves tourist attractions in Aurangabad that have made it to the list of World heritage sites are the Ajanta and Ellora caves. The Ajanta and Ellora cave shrines cut out of rock, by hand, rank amongst the most outstanding historical tourist attractions in India. It is believed that, originally, Buddhist monks sought shelter in these natural grottos during monsoons and began decorating them with religious motifs to help pass the rainy season. Later they taught and performed rituals in these caves, which became their Chaityas temples and Viharas living quarters , the ancient seats of learning, and centers of the Buddhist cultural movement. Using simple tools like hammer and chisel, the monks carved out the impressive figures adorning the walls of these structures, depicting the story of Buddhism, spanning the period from BC to AD. Museums in Aurangabad The History Museum of Marathwada University has excavated material of Sathavahana dynasty in the form of sculptures from Marathwad region, miniature paintings of Maratha, Rajput, Mughal and company paintings of East India Company periods.

12 Top Historical Places in India You Must Visit

The Muslims of Kerala are the descendents of the Arab traders who came to Kerala and married locally and finally settled down here. The Arabs, who landed here after the Jewish men, brought the first wave of Muslims settlers. They were the first peoples to build the first Mosque in this sub-continent at Kodungallur. They concentrated in the Malabar area and up to the 18th century they were mostly agricultural laborers, petty traders and soldiers in the Zamorin army.

The state has a total coastline of km. The state can be divided into three distinct regions; they are the eastern highlands, the central midlands and the western lowlands.

And all these sculptures are spread out on a grand plaza paved with Makrana marble in white and ochre designs and a huge central fountain.

Viewed from high above its surface, Ladakh appears a vast monotony of three colours: Leh, km from Srinagar and at a height of meters on the Karakoram range is the district headquarters of Ladakh. Ladakh’s early history is woven into its mythology. Ladakh is renowned for its Buddhist monasteries which are dotted all over the sparsely populated countryside, each richly decorated with paintings and virtually a storehouse of ancient religious manuscripts.

Built in the 16th century by Singay Namgiyal, the palace stands like a sentinel overlooking the town. Inside there are old wall paintings depicting the life of the Buddha. Soaring above the valley-crags, the monastery dominates both the palace and the town, exhibiting in a manner the supremacy of the spiritual king.

HT Special | Amritsar’s makeover: Golden grandeur with a heritage tinge

Home to the spectacular Golden Temple, Amritsar is brimming with colourful bazaars, delicate treats and a medieval Indian old town steeped in history. The holy site is renowned for its gleaming gold facade and ornate marble pathway that surrounds a reflective pool. Take a trip to the Maharaja Ranjit Singh Museum. Dedicated to the founder of the Sikh empire, this museum boasts an impressive collection of weapons, armour, artwork and Sikh artefacts.

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Well, the marvel has indeed come up in less than a record one year, thanks to Jaipur architect Anup Bartaria and his firm called Sincere Architects.

Indian Languages India – Places of Interest India is an ancient land of vibrant contrasts, with an enchanting maze of culture and tradition known as mordern India. India is a land of dazzling natural beauty from the mighty Himalayas in the north, through the plains of Punjab, over the hills of Assam in the east, and down to tropical coastline of south.

It offers a variety ol landscapes, climate, flora and fauna. The numerous architectural wonders in India have a story of their own and are not to be missed. Ajanta Complex of about 30 rock-cut cave temples and monasteries dating back to BC; one of the noblest memorials of Buddhism in India. Amritsar Religious city; site of the most revered Sikh shrine, the Golden Temple with a gold-foil-covered dome; a national monument dedicated to people killed in the Amritsar Massacre

India – Places of Interest

Kesar da dhaba maa di daal, aloo paratha, palak paneer, phirni Hindu College: Home to the most important Sikh shrine, the Golden Temple, the food here is as heavenly as the temple itself. Kanha Sweets, Amritsar Source: Chole Puri and pinnis an Indian sweet made of ground urad dal, crushed dry fruits and wheat flour is what Kanha is most well known for.

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Best places to try street food in India: India is a country of foodies, where maximum people are in love with food. Travellers from different parts of cities come to visit these places and enjoy these culinary dishes on the streets. Travelling is all about seeing new places and enjoying special delicacies. Connoisseurs of food and travel are all over India. People from all walks of life enjoy eating food specially if the food is spicy and mouth watering.

Delhi Dilli is famous for food lovers and people from all over country visit Delhi to travel and taste different lip-smacking dishes like Golgappas, chaats, chole bhature to rolls, paranthas and juicy kababs. Chandni chowk is one such place where you can find variety of street food and parantha wali gali has various paranthas to offer. Apart from that there are places in Connaught place, Dilli Haat and sarojini nagar, where appetizing street foods are available.

Kolkata Kolkata has to offer numerous street food that are yummy and cheaper.

Top Things to Do in Amritsar, Punjab

And to achieve this dream, she has spent a considerable amount of time researching and experiencing the very best that is out there. An icon for millions today, Kiran Bedi is one person we all truly admire. May it be her strong decisions for fighting injustice, standing strong for the poor or joining the BJP after starting her political career as an activist for AAP, she has always made her presence felt with her firm decisions.

Today, as she stands with BJP campaigning for the Delhi elections and is constantly being judged by other politicians about her character, her work and choices, it gets important that we know more about her life and how she became an inspiration to millions. She took up tennis as her favorite sport which she inherited from her father, a talented tennis player himself.

The Muslims of Kerala are the descendents of the Arab traders who came to Kerala and married locally and finally settled down here.

The only road border crossing between India and Pakistan, Wagah lies between Amritsar in India and Lahore in Pakistan, and is located approximately 29 kilometres away from the city. It is home to the Radcliffe Line, which is the demarcation between India and Pakistan and was drawn during the partition of India in The illustrious lowering of the flags ceremony takes place here at the Wagah Border a daily military practice followed by the Border Security Force BSF and the Pakistan Rangers, since Wagah Border attracts crowds in large numbers including elderly people, children and foreign nationals.

From shouts of patriotism, to the powerful show put up by the BSF and Pakistan Rangers, a visit to Wagah is a gripping experience. Whether your application is business, how-to, education, medicine, school, church, sales, marketing, online training or just for fun, PowerShow. And, best of all, most of its cool features are free and easy to use. You can use PowerShow.

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